I'm Juliana, born in Brazil and living in Australia since 2019.

It was here in the land of the kangaroos that I realized that my passion could be my profession.

I love spending my time outdoors, whether behind the lens or just enjoying the beautiful places we have around here. I'm a gypsy soul always seeking new adventures, places, people and experiences.

I love to hit the road and see what I've never seen before, the new makes my eyes shine.

I’m also that person who appreciates and is easily moved by the simple things in life.

A sunset, a child's smile, the sound of the ocean, people's stories...

I see photography in my life as a purpose. It's a gift for me to have a mission to capture people's lives, families being built and to record memories that will last forever.

After all, what is more precious than the memories of the good times we accumulate throughout life?